SAKAKI's Designer, Yoshi Ishizuka, believes that a putter's quality depends on the player's aesthetic tastes.

Our DESIGN 41 was created by Yoshi Ishizuka to be a work of art.

This model is not sold to the general public.

To purchase this model, you must be introduced by an agents or ambassador. And since Ishizuka is personally involved in the production of this model, orders are limited to two per month.

 *Clients are required to submit a commission request to order this model.

To request a commission, please email to ishizuka@sakakiputter.com and we will send you a Commission Request Form.

DESIGN 41 requires the referral of an agent or ambassador.

If you are looking for an agent in your country, please check our authorized distributors page. We are stringent on who we deal with and may need some time to review your commission request.

Thank you for your understanding in advance. 

Custom Options

  • Head Weight: 351g~360g(Changes by neck shapes)
  • Materials: 303SUS
  • Loft: 4°
  • Neck Shapes: Normal(355g)・Long(355g)・ TWIST(360g)
  • Length: 32,33,34,35
  • Lie Angle: 69,70,71,72
  • Finishes: Satin, Black Boron, Mirror Black, Copper Smoked, DLC Coating, TICN Coating, TINI Coating, A2 Coating
  • Shaft: SAKAKI Original Carbon Shaft 50g・100g・130g
  • Grip Color: 

    Iomic I-classic (50±)

    Black・White・Red・Blue・Sky Blue・Yellow・Orange・Mint Green・Lavender・Pink

    Iomic I-classis mid (72±)


  • Grip Specs
    • Grip: Mid
    • Caliber: M58
    • Weight: 72 ± 3 g
  • Head Cover Color: 

    Black・White・Red・Blue・Sky Blue・Yellow・Orange・Mint Green・Lavender・Pink and more

Approximately 30days or less from order receipt to shipping.