The starting point of the SAKAKI Series, the DESIGN R, fully experience the super performance of a SAKAKI.

This model is made at the world's most advanced 5-axis machining center.

The designer, pro golfer, Ishizuka, is very particular about cutting all heads in the first run of the process. 

Conventional putters are often sold plated, so even if there is a small error, it will not be apparent at all. But if it is not plated and seen in its raw form, you can see the craftsman's skill and the cutting technique at a glance.

This is why Ishizuka created the DESING R to prove the high level of perfection of SAKAKI Putters.

There is no difference in design or performance between the DESIGN R, and the DESIGN T. The DESIGN T includes options such as custom name engraving and selecting the color of the paint, grip, and head cover.

*Clients are required to submit a commission request to order this model.

To request a commission, please email to ishizuka@sakakiputter.com and we will send you a Commission Request Form.

  • Starting at $4,000 + shipping
  • Head Weight: 351g (All First Run ,Raw Finished)
  • Loft:  4°
  • Length Options: Custom
  • Lie Angle: 70°
  • Finishes: Raw
  • Shaft: Steel
  • Grip Color: Iomic I-Classic MID Black
  • Grip Specs
    • Grip: Mid
    • Caliber: M58
    • Weight: 72 ± 3 g
  • Head Cover: Black
  • DESING R putters do not include certification or case.
    SAKAKI will maintain a record of DESIGN R putters and track and certify their serial numbers.
Custom Options
  • Length Options: 32, 33, 34, 35

Approximately 3-5days from order receipt to shipping.