To all SAKAKI fans around the world.
In 2022, SAKAKI M SERIES was reborn as a new model. The conventional head weight was designed to be 370g, but this year's model is 350g. And face milling has evolved further to make it a smoother finish. You will be able to enjoy the feel and design that are even better than the conventional design.
This year, the design was limited to 2022, and three world-limited heads were produced.

The serial number is engraved on the sole surface, and it continues in the order of completion, 1/3, 2/3, 3/3.

The starting point of the SAKAKI Putter Series, the DESIGN B, allows you to fully experience SAKAKI Putters' superior performance.

This model is made at the world's most advanced 5-axis machining center. The designer, pro golfer, Ishizuka, is very particular about cutting all heads in the first run of the process. 

Conventional putters are often sold plated, so even if there is a small error, it will not be apparent at all. But if it is not plated and seen in its raw form, you can see the craftsman's skill and the cutting technique at a glance.

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